Ishimaru Nadare
Ishimaru Main
Age 12
Alias Satan's Pawn
Gender Male
Race Human
Hari Color Brown
Eye Color Black
Height 5'2
Weight 44kg
Occupation Middle School Student

Edate Yaramashi

Mai Nadare

Status Active

Mai Nadare


Power Demon Soul

Chapter Appearance

Chapter 1
Episode Appearance Episode 1


While Edate was living with them, he has been training constantly in order to be as strong as he does. Ishimaru and has been fighting together since the spirit orb incident. And he had soon to think of Edate as an older brother, even if Mai is in love with him. Ishimaru isn't in love with anyone because years ago, he met a little girl that helped him raise a little dog and he had soon had a crush on her. She was soon deceased after she was attacked by her older sister. Whenever anyone brings up her name or say "the girls will never like you". He will immediately get angry and walk off somewhere.


A while after Edate saved his and Mai's life from Ganryu, Ishimaru urged to become even stronger for him to defend Mai in order from such a thing to happened again. While they were searching for the Spirit Orbs, they've met a child whose only desire is women. And so, Mai is one of his target but he and Edate rebelled against it and fought. As Heisuke was about to deliever the final blow, Ishimaru changed into a black and evil version of his normal self. Ishimaru countered Heisuke's attack and went crazy and attacked him as well as Edate.

While gathering their last Spirit Orb, Ishimaru was forced into that form again and was acting the same way as before. Edate called Ishimaru and transformed back to normal, after that experience. Ishimaru pledged he'll get stronger in order to stop from using that form again.

After completing their task of retrieving the Spirit Orbs, Edate and Ishimaru entered a Martial Arts Tournament for the fun of it. After seeing the results. They have proved that they're the strongest two in the stadium. But not for long, because Junsui of Black Shadows entered and fought Edate in the final round. Edate and Ishimaru fought in the semi-final round, but Ishimaru chose to forfeit the match.