"I know I'm the strongest in the group, but I will be willing to protect him. I'll even be willing to die for him, if that is what it takes. If you're not up for the challenge, then I'll do this alone"
Mai Nadare


Alias The Healing Angel
Gender Female
Race Human
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Little brown
Height 5'4
Weight 42kg
Occupation Junior High Student

Edate Yaramashi

Ishimaru Nadare

Status Active

Ishimaru Nadare


Power Unknown
Chapter Appearnce Chapter 1
Episode Appearance Episode 1


Mai have pale brown eyes and glowing brown hair that is usual cut short. She often wears a grayish blue shirt and white undershirt and a white miniskirt. She has large breasts, and a curvaceous body


Mai is a very shy and sometimes aggressive whenever she's around Edate Yaramashi, because she has a crush on him every since they were kids. She lives alone with her little brother Ishimaru, After Mai and Edate crossed paths, she violunteered to let him stay with them for a while. They've first met when Mai fell into a raging water current while trying to get a ball from the tree. Edate jumped in without hesitation and rescued her.
His kindness is why she is in love with him. Three years later, he had soon bumped into her again and starting to be together more often that before.


Mai encountered Edate after being apart for three whole years. Mai wanted Edate to stay with them, but Ishimaru didn't agree with that idea. Mai told Ishimaru about Edate's situation, Edate didn't want her to say anymore about it. Mai kissed him because she missed him too much.

After Edate defeated his father's assailant, she and Edate went to school and ended up in the clutches of Edate's brother. Edate couldn't stop him and both Edate and Ishimaru saved her later after meeting a spirit. Mai and the boys se
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Edate carry Mai home

arched for the Spirit Orbs to save the elements of nature. After gathering the first orb, they've met someone named Heisuke. After hearing about wanting a wife, Mai slapped him and told him he can't get married and force someone against their will. Heisuke had soon fell in love with her and wanting to force her to be his new bride. After Edate and Ishiimaru fought back against him, Heisuke had volunteered to be their sacrifice.

After gathering the first Spirit Orb, Mai was kidnapped once again by the Fuji Clan. After being required to be a sacrifice, Edate and Ishimaru rescued her from the sacrificial process. Before too long, they have met a girl named Sasami that told them nothing about such a thing. After discovering that one of the Spirit Orbs was destroyed, it was told that only love can revive it. Edate and Mai was chosen to kiss or else they will die.

Edate and Mai kiss

Edate and Mai kiss

A few days after they've gathering the Spirit Orbs, Mai caught Edate training outside of the hospital and hit him. She's worried that Edate might not recover from his injuries if he trains so much.