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Name Tyler Jordan
Age 18
Birthday February 10, 1994
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Occupation High School Student


Tyler Jordan is born and raised in Meridian, Mississippi. When he was attending elementary school. Tyler learned how to draw anime and started to make his own comic books when he attended Magnolia Middle School.

Two anime series in particular were the main inspiration for him to become a professional manga artist: Dragon Ball, a well known manga produced by Akira Toriyama, and as well as Naruto created Masashi Kishimoto. During Tyler's high school years, he has been attending art classes and has created 11 manga series.



DEMON ACADEMY (2008-Current)

DRAGON NATION (2008-Current)

PIRATE Z (2011-Current)

MONSTER TAMER (2012-Current)

NATSUME (2012-Current)

BASEBALL KURO (2012-Current)

YOKAYA (2012-Current)

DRAGON HARMONY (2012-Current)

HEAVEN'S MISSION (2012-Current)

DRAGON'S SCALE (2012-Current)

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