In the middle of the forest outside of Japan, there is a boy named Edate Yaramashi, he's out to get some firewood. He cuts a tree down with his bare hands, throws the tree into the sky. He jumps and chop the tree into small blocks and landed safety. Moments later, a girl with an injured ankle collapses in the same forest as Edate. He offers to help her. she hesitated for a moment and grabbed his hand. She had an nostalgic feeling about his kindness. Edate asked her hold much longer is she going to hold his hand She apolgizes and collapsed once more. Edate noticed the sprained ankle and decided to carry her from his back. She screamed out to put her down, Edate said he's going to carry her home because she's too injured to walk home. 

After carrying her for several miles, someone was watching them for the sky. Edate looked up and thought he was being paranoid, a young boy was jumping from tree to tree with a couple of basket filled with apples. He accidentally  dropped the apple basket and it landed on Edate. He looked up and the basket hit his head and passed out. The girl knew it was her little brother Ishimaru.